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To our PM&R alumni and friends:

Our programs have had a truly wonderful course over the last 15 years. Katrina dealt us a mighty blow, but the restructuring made the program stronger.

Many of you are also aware of the fact that more than 10 years ago we also instituted a Pain Fellowship. This Pain Fellowship has been ACGME accredited since it's earliest days and has remained so. It is one of the few PM&R based ACGME accredited pain fellowships in the country. It has served well in the formation of some excellent pain physicians who have graduated from that program.

The residency and fellowship programs are both very strong. Residents and Fellows  in recent years have been exceptional, as a group. Unfortunately, as a state university program, we are subject to the vagaries of the economics where financial resources are limited and unpredictable. We have no large corporations support.

For those who remember when they were Residents and/or Fellows (hopefully) now have more disposable income, please consider giving to the PM&R Improvement fund at the LSU Health Foundation. This is really the only fund we can use as we see fit to continue improving the training experience for both PM&R and the Pain programs.

Hopefully your training has led to success in practice. If so, please consider contributing to our fund.  Thank you.

PM&R Section Chief - Gary Glynn, MD

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